The “Prendre” in Entrepreneur

As a part of the “millennial” generation, the lack of job opportunities or access to them in the traditional sphere is depressing. Many recent graduates of the traditional university system in their search for employment are told to create their own opportunities.

Suddenly, your  inbox is full of requests to join Facebook pages for new business and personal brands. Professional headshots and logos saturate your timeline, your twitter feed and all of a sudden all of our Linkedin profiles say ‘founder’ or ‘creator‘. We attend networking event after networking event and have created hundreds of business cards each representing a different identity of ourselves. Soon the label of ‘entrepreneur’ gets associated with your desperation and you begin to embody this and all of a sudden your liberal arts degree has turned you into a business oriented individual.

The word Entrepreneur comes from Entreprendre– which means “to undertake”, when we break it down even more, “prendre” means to take.

Are we fostering a culture of egocentricity? Has this era of desperation forced us to start “taking” more than we are actually giving back to society?

In order to help me figure out this dilemma, I created certain categories of entrepreneurs. This is in no way an exhaustive list.

The Egopreneur

The egopreneur is purely in it for capital gain and personal development and may occasionally attach their name to some philanthropic cause, but this is merely for the profile. You can often see the egopreneur at networking or high profile events on a desperate search for the “most important” person in the room.

The Socially-minded Entrepreneur

The socially-minded Entrepreneur believes in the greater good, but their primary goal is the monetary gain, to hopefully be able to create bigger impact further down the line and hopes that their endeavors maintain a socially conscious outlook.

The Socially-devoted Entrepreneur

The Socially-devoted Entrepreneur’s primary focus is the social good and seeks to find ways to fund their initiative, not for the monetary gain, but for the impact help to facilitate for the greater good.

Here in lies the quandry. In order for true success and impact, I believe that we have to exist on the Entrepreneurial spectrum and be able to be chameleons based on circumstances.

This is why I have this blog, its part of the necessary evil that is sharing your knowledge with others and as much as you try not to be ego-centric, ultimately ego will be an important element. Even more important is to be able to acknowledge the ego inside and be able to manage it.


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