The Challenging – UWC Congress 2016

If you have every been involved in any organization development process, you understand that this is difficult and tedious. So imagine the challenge of UWC with over 60,000 some of the world’s most educated and experienced alumni plus 17 schools/colleges operating as entities, plus 150 + national committees  plus plus plus, trying to work together to develop.

A tumultuous task to say the least.

UWC meetings (even when I was a student) were always very difficult. Sometimes you left enraged, sometimes you left enlightened, sometimes just plain confused. This Congress was no different. I did not anticipate the intensity of this Congress between pre- meetings for the various committees I sit on followed by choosing from over 10 concurrent amazing sessions, plus facilitating my own session it was very involved. However, regardless of all of the above, I left Trieste feeling MOTIVATED. Motivated that I was part of something much bigger than myself – motivated that I was not alone with the struggles I faced running a National Committee – motivated that there was an effort to continue to change and grow.


Above: My attempt to facilitate the NC Regional Feedback Sessiong for the Americas

So what’s new at the UWC Movement (at least what I can remember)

  • Committee of National Committees (CNC)
    • This is a new addition to the UWC Governance structure whereby the National Committees will have representation. The CNC has been divided into 5 regions and a process of elections for each region is now happening to elect representatives. These reps will sit on the CNC and its various subcommittees and be responsible for actively participating in activities as a rep for their region.
  • The NC Fund
    • As part of the CNC strategy, the NC Fund is being developed to help give financial support to the capacity development of National Committees. Most committees are run off thousands of volunteer hours – blood, sweat and tears. This fund will give these hard working groups a chance to enhance their skills and get further support where necessary. Details still in the works
  • Director of Education
    • This new position at the IO will help to spearhead the educational arm of the UWC strategy. This includes and is not limited to
      • innovations in educational programming eg. Project Based Diploma
      • Short course strategies
      • Looking at UWC impact – UWCx
  • Cool new partnershipsAshoka Foundation, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Teach for All and others I forgot about remember
  • New Schools! UWC Japan was approved!!! In the pipeline UWC Colombia and UWC Ghana (still preliminary though). If you want to help support any of these initiatives let me know!
  • Strategic Plan – have no fear its not done yet, those who werent able to attend will be able to provide their feedback! So stay tuned

More Scenes from the Congress Sessions

Photo Credt: Bea Uhart – More photos from the Congress


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